Telecom Inventory & Billing Audit

You need an exact inventory of your infrastructure.  You need to be sure you are getting the lowest cost for the inventory which is necessary and sufficient to meet your needs.  As Inventory Reconciliation Specialists, Prettyman & Associates provides the perfect solution for your quest.

Our proven process begins with a thorough physical inventory of all services at all locations.  Only then can a paper billing audit followed by intense vendor negotiations result in significant expense reductions.

Our professional track record over the past 28 years has produced efficiencies and expense reduction totaling millions of dollars.  While our process is complex, it takes very little of your staff’s time.

The actual expense reduction you may expect ranges from 15% to 35% of your annual telecom budget.  For example, with an annual budget $240,000 ($20,000 per month), you may expect expense reductions in the range of $36,000 to $84,0000 for the first year (a range of $3,000 to $7,000 per month).

Since we are paid monthly only when each month’s expense reductions are verified, you are assured that on-going char2ges are correct! 

THERE IS NO UPFRONT COST!!!  There is NO increase in your budget for our services, since our fees and expenses may be paid from vendor reductions received each month!

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