Philosophy & Approach

Locations: From our corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Prettyman and Associates provides an objective third party resource for voice, data, and network telecommunications research, system analysis, and ongoing facilities management.

Philosophy: Founded upon strict professional standards, Prettyman and Associates are obligated solely to our Client. We are not a vendor; we have no products or equipment to sell. We have no vendor ties, nor do we accept “finder’s fees” which are so common in the industry today. We recommend and customize all brands of equipment and services with no preconceived solutions.

Approach: Our management style is hands-on, highly visible, and on-site, with personal involvement by the principals of our firm. We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your operations, because we believe that every Client is unique. Our assigned task force is flexible to conform to your needs and desired outcomes. We do this by listening and immersing ourselves wholly in your daily operations.

Process: We then match your needs to current and emerging technology by developing customized bid specifications to solve your unique goals and objectives. Prettyman and Associates understand that selection of the best system solution and vendor support structure is essential to your success. Equally critical is our assurance of the highest quality installation. Long-term management is available as we continue to monitor and advise as needs and technology changes.

Easy to do Business: Clients may hire us for a single project to move or upgrade systems. Additionally, many of our Clients depend on us to manage their total telecommunications needs on an ongoing basis. As a result, our Clients receive the appropriate utilization of technology, while gaining a maximum return on their investment, together with managed growth, the highest quality installation, with a minimum of their administrative time.

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