About Prettyman

Established in Dallas, Texas in 1986 Prettyman offers nationwide telecommunication technology consulting. Our team has decades of experience and extensive industry know-how that has earned us the reputation of a trusted expert in Systems DeploymentInventory & Billing Reconciliation, Telecom Expense Management and Systems Management. Our clients trust Prettyman for our consistent performance which is a testament to our staying power for over 32 years.

  • Prettyman handles all phases of telecommunication projects, including analysis, design, customization, extensive RFP development, vendor assessment and evaluation, deployment, and problem-solving.
  • Prettyman ensures all vendor obligations and promotions are honored as agreed, in order to manage, control, and enhance the value of your telecommunication investment.
  • Prettyman manages a wide spectrum of services including cloud and IP systems, wireless and data networks, building distribution cabling, and continuing expense management
  • And, most of all, we liberate our Client’s from dealing with poor customer service and serious over billing commonly experienced in the telephone industry.  We have been able to recover large sums of money and produce significant savings for our clients.

Prettyman is a recognized leader in telecommunications consulting because we partner with your team to develop the most appropriate solutions – technologically and financially.

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