Prettyman has years of experience with the solid background and extensive industry know-how, earning the reputation of a trusted expert.  Our services include Telecommunication Inventories and Billing Analysis, Telecom Expense ManagementSystems Deployment,  RFP Administration, Service Optimization, Telecom Project Management, and Systems Management.  

  • Prettyman handles all phases of telecommunication projects, including analysis, design, customization, RFP development, vendor evaluation, and deployment.
  • Prettyman ensures all vendor obligations and promotions are honored, in order to manage, control, and enhance the value of your investment.
  • Prettyman frees our clients from the effort of dealing with poor customer service and serious over billing commonly experienced in the telephone industry. 

Our clients have been able to recover large sums of money and receive significant savings on their future purchases by utilizing the services of Prettyman.


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